May 02, 2008

The ophthalmic lab: up-to-date technology and management

The Mido issue has been released with all the news to be presented at Mido! Find out what themes will be dealt with at MAFO - The Conference (limited seats are still available). Read about "Antireflective surface structures on plastic lenses" by Dr. Ulrike Schulz or "The Freedom of Freeform" by Prof. Dr. Peter Baumbach. Get some input of the company Indo by a company profile and learn about "Industrial remote edging - information technology requirements" by Dr. Bernd Freyermuth and as with every issue... much more.

March 07, 2008

FreeForm - The new paradigm

The issue 2008/01 is out and we have done the first market overview on the FreeForm Generators available. It is the first time that these mashines are compared and brought together to be more precise in the differences. If you are at a stage to buy this equipment, you should defenatly have a look here, too! Read about "FreeForm - the new paradigm" by Karen Roberts and Michael Zaiser and "Think rost - polishing grinding of optical components" by Alexander Grüntzig.
Last but not least: the new challenging program for MAFO - The Confernce is setteled and you can already sign up for May 08, the day before mido! Please see the program and direct online registration to the right. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

December 20, 2007

How free is FreeForm?

Issue 06 has been published! Read the report on MAFO - The Conference and the panel discussion on "Progress and Prospects of FreeForm". Have you been at OLA? Isabel Spangemacher gives you an idea on what was there to see on the "Race to success". Paul Wrighting gives an insight on "Tinting specialists lenses for the autistic spectrum". Read about the main theme on "Consumables" and find useful market surveys. Same goes for the Special on Semi-Finished Lenses II: see what is offered in the market for plasic and mineral progressives. Have you already heard abot the news? MAFO - The Confernce is moving site and date to the day before mido! Safe the day and secure your seat already, be assured: the program will be as challenging as always!

December 06, 2007

MAFO - The Conference moves to Milan

It was an unpleasant situation in Paris during the past years when two conferences took place on the same day. It was unpleasant for both, the delegates and organisers. For some time some representatives from the machinery industry as well as lecturers and delegates asked both hosts for a solution. MAFO publisher Jörg Spangemacher discussed this thoroughly with all interested parties during the last months and decided to take advantage of the world wide leading ophthalmic fair and the ultra modern congress center.
With MIDO moving this year to the new and trend-setting exhibition site as well as the futuristic congress center in Rho Pero began a new round of discussions. But after a meeting with the CEO of MIDO, Dr. Giampiero Masciadri, it was a final decision: MAFO - The Conference will move on to Milan. In order to prevent a similar situation like in Paris MAFO has the exclusive rights to organise this kind of conference in Milan.
The conference center is located in the middle of the fair compound. The halls are equipped with all the up-to-date technique and systems to organise a professional conference. A build in sound system and two 44'' TV flat screens for the delegates further back allow a comfortable tracking of the lectures.
The next edition of MAFO - The Conference will be presented on May 8th, 2008 ? the day before MIDO. The motto of this conference is: 'The ophthalmic Lab: Up-to-date technology and management'. There are already a lot of requests for highly interesting lectures that will suit the motto.

Picture 1: The foyer of the congress center in Milan
Picture 2: Entrance of the conference center

October 16, 2007

Education: Progress and Prospect in FreeForm

The Silmo issue has been published with the contents of MAFO - The Conference. Read on what will be discussed at the panel on "Progress and Prospect in FreeForm" and the main themes of the lectures to be held on October 18 in Paris. Dr. Peter Gunkel shares his view on "Is big beautiful ? Getting local market shares". Find more out about "Progressive FreeForm Lens design" by Hugh McLoughlin, "Investment costs and their amortisation in the optical industry" by Thomas Fischer and "Lens Inventory Control for The wohlesale lab" by Rick Tinson. The MAFO editorial board has changed the layout to a modern, clear and straight design to reflect the technical content. How do you like it? Please share your impression with us! Enjoy reading.

August 08, 2007

MAFO: Technology-Special on Coating

Do you know the background of Shamir? MAFO visited their site and lets you have a glimpse behind the scenes, too. In June ESA (European Sunglass Association) had their annual meeting, find out what is was all about. In this issue you will also find the first part of Prof. Dr. Jim Sheedys article on "Objective Measurement of PAL Viewing Zones".
The main theme deals with "Coating": find out more about it in "Ophthalmic Polarized Lenses for Modern Laboratory Business" by Igor Loshak, "High Tech Nano Coatings for Ophthalmics" by Michael Fliedner and Andreas Schwender, an overview on Coating Machines and Market Survey on Hard, AR and Inline Coating.

June 13, 2007

The Charm of Rho-Pero

Have you been at mido in Milan? Hear about what was there to see and how the new site was regarded by our industry. Yasser ElDeeb writes about "Sub-Aperture Polishing Technologies" and Dr.-Ing. Stephan Huttenhuis and Dipl.-Ing. Gunter Schneider "Manufacturing of FreeForm Lenses". Interesting might also be the survey on Lens Cleaning. Read what Isabel and Joerg have gathered on this theme. A new series has started where we would like to teach practical, basic skills and practice needed in a lab in "Marking, Cutting and Crumbling of a Silicate Lens". Enjoy reading!